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The Teaching Creche

Explanation of The Teaching Creche Sculpture

dsc08483.jpg    The “Teaching” inherent in the design of The Teaching Creche Sculpture. 
    The Teaching Crèche is designed to “teach”. What follows is an extensive, but not

    exhaustive explanation of the components of the Teaching Crèche sculpture.

    1. As a religious word, crèche is defined as a three dimensional representation of the  Nativity scene at the birth of Jesus Christ. As a non-religious word, it is defined as a childcare  
    2.The Star of David base represents the Old Testament, the Jewish people and the Jewish heritage of Joseph, Mary and Jesus. It is the foundation of the design as it is the foundation
    of our Faith, worship and culture.
    3. The Tablets represent The Ten Commandments, the foundation of The Law of Moses.
    4. The Three Triangles that comprise the Canopy are sparse, to signify the poverty of the 
Infant Jesus. They also represent the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity. The triangles 
    the spires of church architecture and hands folded in prayer.
    5. The Isosceles Triangle on the left represents mountains, the place in the Old and New 
Testament where, “Man meets God.
    6. The two side triangles are isosceles triangles; the smaller one is a right triangle. The
 triangles refer to geometry, reason and logic, hallmarks of the Greek culture. They refer
the influence of Greek philosophy on the formation of Christian Theology.
    7. When viewed from the front, the three triangles spell the Latin word for Peace, “PAX.” This was the language of the Roman Empire and is the traditional language of the Church.
    8. The right isosceles triangle, intersected by the smaller right triangle, forms a cross and
 prefigures the Crucifixion.
    9. The Flame represents the presence of God, Wisdom and the Holy Spirit. The Flame is
supported by a circular, blue Water base. Both are prominent symbols in the Old and
   10. The Acrylic represents the clarity of Church Teachings and the transparency of Truth.
   11. The Star atop the canopy represents the Star of Bethlehem. It symbolizes Christ as the 
Light of the World and refers to our participation in this Light through the Sacrament
   of Baptism. Like our Baptismal fonts, the Star has eight sides. The tradition of eight-sided baptismal fonts refers to the eight people saved from the great Flood in the book of Genesis.
   12. Walk lateral to the sculpture and look at it. You will see “movement” in the sculpture. This signifies that our Faith is living, active, alive.

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