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The Teaching Creche


About The Teaching Crèche

History, Philosophy, What We Do, and Principals


The Teaching Crèche sculpture was conceived and designed by Anthony Coticelli in the late 1970’s, based on his background in Theology and Philosophy. It was constructed with wood and other material. The simple, meager material and design represents the poverty and humanity of the Infant Christ; the symbols that comprise the design evoke His Divinity. Initially, Mr. Coticelli thought to market his idea in wood. But the costs involved would have made the sculpture too expensive for most families, and manufacturing it would have involved nations who do not exemplify the Teachings of Christ, either in the treatment of their workers and countrymen or in their interactions with other nations. The use of acrylic has helped to make the sculpture:

  • Spiritually inspirational
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Interactive
  • Expandable

The business was incorporated in 2011 as The Teaching Crèche. It is a web-based business that offers innovative Faith education products and services. Its organizational goals are to:
  • Provide opportunities for families and individuals to participate in meaningful devotion and study.
  • Improve Biblical and Cultural Literacy.
  • Nurture Christian Apologetics.
  • Support Magisterium-friendly Catholicism.


  • Each person is instilled with a Divine spark of life. Therefore, it is imperative that we protect life beginning with conception and extending through the course of a person’s natural life.
  • The family is the, “Ecclesia domestica,” the Domestic Church (CCC 1656). Parents are responsible for “evangelizing their children” (CCC 2225) and should do so through right example, prayer and instruction in the Tenets of the Faith.
  • Individuals, by striving to perfect themselves through prayer, education on the Scriptures and practicing good works, can also be partners in this effort to direct our children toward God and away from the malevolent forces that imperil our children and menace our society. (CCC 1658)

What We Do

  • We Teach you to Teach. The Teaching Crèche allows you to tap 27 years of teaching experience. Teaching techniques are embedded in lessons, or presented in our Coaching and Teaching Tips and Webinars. We also offer assistance for parents with special needs children.
  • We Support Faith Education. The Teaching Crèche offers Magisterium-friendly lessons and devotions intended to complement, not replace, formal religion education or catechetical instruction.
  • We Create Connections. COMING SOON! The Teaching Crèche allows members, Precators, to share best practices in Faith Education. Precators can participate in webinars and share devotions and prayer needs.


1. God is the Supreme Being who made all things. He always was, always will be and always remains the same. He created us to know, love and serve Him in this life so we could be happy with Him in the next. In His Infinite Creativity, He continues to use all media to draw His children closer to Him. 


“Let these words be written on your heart. Teach them to your children and say them to your children over again, whether you are abroad or resting at home.” – Deuteronomy 6: 7-8


2. Anthony Coticelli was born, raised and for the most part, educated in Brooklyn, New York. At St. Francis College in Brooklyn, he studied Theology. By the grace of God, he fell under the tutelage of three Philosophy Professors, Dr. Frank Slade, Dr. Joseph Carpino and Dr. Nino Languilli. After undergoing their intensive “de-jackassification” program, he learned not merely how to think, but also what to think about.

He taught religion for six years before moving into Corporate Evangelization under the guise of Leadership Development. For twenty-five years, he moved up through the ranks of several Fortune 500 organizations, conducting management and organization development initiatives nationally and internationally. He achieved an Ed.M. at Boston University in Human Resource Development in 1993. For the last 14 years, he has operated president of his Leadership Development practice, Candor Consulting. In November of 2010, he was inspired to produce the Teaching Crèche as a way of honoring God the Father who has given him a life worth living.

Anthony Coticelli lives in New Jersey with his wife Doreen and their 29 year old daughter, Juliana, a special needs person. They are occasionally called upon to sit for their three grandchildren. When not struggling to mask the joy of his grand parenting, Anthony enjoys astronomy, gardening, cycling, drumming and plays a game resembling golf.

You can contact Anthony Coticelli as follows:


Phone: 732 920 8662